Our Mission

Thackray Museum of Medicine exists to inspire people with the passion and purpose of medicine and healthcare in the past, present and future.

To deliver this mission, we use our unique collections and building as a foundation to:

  • Inspire people with stories of the motivation, commitment and achievement that drives medical progress
  • Promote communities’ and individuals’ agency in shaping health, wellbeing and the future of medicine and healthcare
  • Enable people to participate in a public conversation about medicine and health
  • Provide a space in our shared stories for the under-represented and un-heard
  • Provide a focus for researchers, people working in medicine, patients, decision-makers and the public to connect, share ideas, imagine and create a better future

The COVID pandemic has brought into focus the need for trusted public medical information and spaces and for the benefits that a museum like ours can offer. Our world has changed significantly. Not only are questions of public health and health inequalities more starkly in people’s consciousness but also our communities face greater economic challenges. At the same time demands for equity and access are amplified.

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