Treasure Hunt

Throughout the history of medicine, we have celebrated famous people for their part in medicine’s greatest discoveries – but is there more to the story? Join medical detective Ali in their quest to solve the mystery of medicine’s hidden heroes and track down the people who deserve a bit more of the credit.

Answers to the mystery clues can all be found at the Thackray Museum of Medicine. Some are easier than others and some might take a bit of teamwork – but the museum’s staff are always happy to lend a hand. Correct answers can be entered into a prize draw, where some fantastic prizes will be up for grabs:

  • A family ticket to a league game in the Leeds Knights Ice Hockey 2022/23 season
  • A family meal for 4 at Rola Wala, Trinity Kitchen
  • A £25 voucher to spend at the Thackray shop

Good hunting!

To enter, either complete an entry form at the Thackray Museum and hand it in to the team or you can email us your answers at [email protected] – just put ‘Treasure Hunt Entry’ in the subject line, and please don’t forget to tell us your name so we can enter you in the draw.

Terms and Conditions apply and can be found here.

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Question 1

This character sounded like a bit of a joker but he was no buttercup when it came to giving disease the needle!


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Question 2

It was patently obvious that this woman should get credit for helping develop medicine to fight TB – except on the patent. Don’t blame it on the Good Times – Blame it on the Baby!

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Question 3

These lasses grafted hard to ‘farm’ a precious antibiotic substance.

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Question 4

‘It’s a shame we can’t elope, but honey, do be mine…’ one spoiled piece of fruit saved thousands of lives thanks to this fragrantly nicknamed woman

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Question 5

This Lady gallivanted around the world and ‘spotted’ a potentially new way to keep a deadly disease at bay.

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Question 6

A Health hero who has worked in hospital and the community, caring for young and old in Leeds.

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Question 7

This pioneer was caught napping – and lost out on credit for putting his patient to sleep

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Question 8

This contemporary activist is just asking for more conversation around disabled identity and independence

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Question 9

You might think that building a hotel in the middle of a war zone is a crazy idea but wounded soldiers in the Crimea thought it was just the medicine

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Question 10

He drew blood for Britain but ran up against skin-deep prejudices when he crossed the Atlantic

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Question 11

This innovator ‘Flew’ onto the French battlefield with many innovations in emergency healthcare we still use today. He’s been very ‘patient’ in waiting for his credit.

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Question 12

A professor who came up with a space age idea study emotions the late 1990s.