Where do you find your tranquillity?

As part of our Tranquillity season, we would like you to send us a photograph of your tranquil space. This can be anything from somewhere you visited once, to your own back garden. It could take the shape of your reading nook, your plant collection, or your favourite spot in the park. Everybody’s tranquil spaces can look, feel, and sound (and smell) different.

Image taken by Chapter 81. Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The best of your photos will form part of an exhibition here at the museum. Each month we have a different theme to inspire you. In May, we’d love to see your interpretation of ‘green spaces’. June is all about the ‘urban jungle’, and in July, we’d like your take on ‘home’.

Remember, you don’t need any special skills, all you need is a little imagination and something to take a photograph with.

Please send in your photograph along with:

Your name

Title of your photo

Where you took it

To: [email protected]

Need a bit of inspiration? Then come and visit our Tranquillity season for yourself. You better be quick as the season ends on the 17th July.

Image taken by Sue McKay at her tranquil place