• Stay Curious, Keep Collecting: The Legacy of Paul Thackray (1939-2023)

    Our late founder Paul Thackray donated thousands of items to our 75,000+ collection of medical supplies. What can we learn from some of these objects?

  • On The Bench – Launched

    We recently unveiled our brand new exhibition 'On The Bench', an exciting exploration of the relationship between sports, science, and injury.

  • Let’s Get Physio

    Did you realise we're born without kneecaps? Physiotherapist Andy Baker gave us some insightful facts about ways we can treat and prevent sports injuries.

  • Pride – Ki’s Story

    This Pride, we are looking to raise the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community. This is Ki's story...

  • Cataloguing the Thackray Museum Archive (Part Three)

    From sandals to knee implants, our resident Project Archivist, Robert Curphey is back with another update!

  • Schools at Thackray

    Explore our 11 galleries with our bespoke trails covering curriculum-based areas of history, science, PSHCE and design!

  • Volunteer View: Florence’s Birthday

    Ross Horsley is back to tell us a bit about how Thackray celebrated the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth!

  • Community Spaces at Thackray

    Community is important here at Thackray, so we have opened a space for you, to be used by you. The...

  • An Interview with an Optometrist

    This half term, Thackray will be hosting an exciting event, all about our eyes! Ahead of this, we spoke to...

  • Introducing Hungry Sandwich Club

     VIDEO: Identity If you’ve been keeping an eye on all things ‘Private Parts’, you’ll have likely seen the animations for...

  • Introducing Bobbi Rae

    ‘Private Parts’ has been a passion project for our museum, and has included the work of some amazing people in...

  • Cataloguing the Thackray Museum of Medicine Archive part 2

    We get a vital update from Robert Curphey, Project Archivist here at the Thackray Since my last blog I have...