Schools at Thackray

Florence Nightingale, the impact of WWI, the science behind modern medicine, and the downright grubby state of a Victorian street — just a taste of the sheer scope of what a day at Thackray offers. We’re here to inspire your students to:

  • Gain curriculum-based knowledge
  • Understand about caring for ourselves
  • Think about careers in healthcare

How Does It Work?

Start planning your trip in advance by visiting the museum for free* — meet our team and design a visit that works for you and your students, from a couple of hours to a full day out.

Self-led trail

Explore our 11 galleries with our bespoke trails covering curriculum-based areas of history, science, PSHCE and design. Focus on one theme or cover several in a day.


Dive deeper into the subject with workshops exclusive to your group, from just £2.45 extra per student.


Take the stress out of planning a trip. All workshops with the icon can be brought out of the museum, directly into your classroom.
*Two staff places available per school


Please contact our dedicated education team to begin planning your visit:

Or fill out an enquiry form on our website

Look through our latest brochure here.