On The Bench – Launched

We recently unveiled our brand new exhibition ‘On The Bench’, an exciting exploration of the relationship between sports, science, and injury. Through interactive and immersive displays, the exhibition lets visitors delve into the world of sports science, and see firsthand how athletes from across the board cope with and prevent sports-related accidents.
To help create the exhibition, we partnered with some local sporting legends. Our co-curators include ex-Leeds Rhinos Captain Stevie Ward, former Leeds basketball player Norman Francis, and The Leeds Roller Derby Team. Together, the sporting heroes have joined forces to donate memorabilia and items from their career, and have also shared their personal and touching stories as to how sports injury has affected them.
At the launch of the exhibition on Thursday 10th August, we had a fantastic blend of co-curators, family, and friends. While introducing the new exhibition, our Chief Executive, Edward Appleyard, spoke about the museum’s recent developments and future plans. Then Stevie Ward, representing our co-curators, took us through his journey and his involvement with the musuem.