Disease Street

An immersive experience with the sights sounds and smells of the past, this is Leeds before anaesthetics, before antibiotics, before running water and sewage systems even, and before any understanding of germs and their connection to disease.

Meet mill worker Hannah Dyson, who welcomes you to her home in the over-crowded inner-city streets of Leeds in the early Victorian period, and pick one of her neighbors whose story you will follow.  Find your local character on the street and look out for things that might make them ill, and spot the many health hazards that lurk in the darkness. On your way, feel free to visit the pub or our quack cart to find a magical cure-all for even the most incurable diseases, and listen out for what happens to Hannah…

Location: Ground Floor download Museum map (PDF)
Features sensory content: sounds, darkness, smells



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Take a look at Disease Street

A sneak peak at disease street in 360 degrees. Click and drag to scroll around, and click on the arrows to move through 3 different views of the street.