Nominate Your Health Hero

Back in March, as the world descended into a state of lockdown, both the history and the future of medicine came to the forefront of society like many of us had never seen or experienced in our lives. It was at this point that we began work to create new ways to engage with our visitors and supporters. And, like much of the world, we found a way to communicate, come together, and share stories.

Through our Health Heroes mini-site, you can explore and celebrate those that have changed medicine, and our lives. You’ll find great pioneers placed next to the nurse that comforted you after giving birth. While we’re closed you’ll be able to access this evolving set of resources, and stay tuned as we develop new ways to weave this important platform into our museum experience upon reopening.

Visit our Health Heroes site here and consider submitting your story!

Thackray Museum of Medicine is scheduled to reopen in October 2020.