Behind The Microscope

Join our top team of pathologists in their battle against disease, shrinking the human body to microscopic size to find out what makes us sick.

Leeds is at the cutting edge of innovations in histopathology. But what does a histopathologist do? And would you have what it takes to join the team in the lab? Our new exhibition for families, Behind the Microscope follows the story of real-life pathologists as they examine bodies, organs, and disease at the smallest scale. These stories are brought to life by artist Molly Pukes, providing a fun and friendly introduction to the work of a histopathologist for those aged 7+ 

Be inspired by the colourful world found under a microscope during our regular series of holiday activities for all the family.

Half-Term Fun 

This half term, we are offering an exciting variety of activities for all the family to celebrate the opening of our brand new exhibition, Behind the Microscope.

Included for free with your museum ticket:

Discover what weird and wonderful cells make up our bodies, get creative with cellular colouring and cellulART stamp printing, and have a game of cellular cards – can you match them all? All activities are perfect for the little ones aged 3 and up. 

What do you get when you cross a frog with a pathologist? This is no joke! Find out in our daily tour all about the pioneering health heroes who discovered penicillin, its production, and how the unlikely frog might be the answer to antibiotic resistance. 

Through the eyes of a pathologist (Tuesday 14th and Thursday 16th only; additional fees apply)

Identify and diagnose a mystery patient with the help of a real-life pathologist through these hands-on 45-minute workshops. A separate bookable experience, find out more and choose one of three daily times here.   

Join us and discover who’s behind the microscope at Thackray this half-term.