Audiology Visit

A blog by Dr Laura Sellers

On Wednesday 3 April, along with Karen Sayers (Leeds Trinity) and Graeme Gooday (University of Leeds) I hosted 14 students from Leeds, Germany and Belgium who are training to be audiologists.

As part of a week long conference they came to the Thackray to reflect on how historical hearing devices link to their current work. Many of them were quite unfamiliar with museums and none of them knew anything about the history of hearing loss or hearing devices. We did a quick tour of the museum and then did a workshop where we looked at some of our collections and then gave out images of aids, pens, papers and handling objects and asked them to design a gallery about hearing loss. They were asked to pick an audience and think about how they would like the public, hearing aid users, or potential patients to see hearing aids and audiology in a gallery space. They had some great ideas