Permanent galleries

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Let us take you on a journey of discovery to explore the incredible story of medicine.

Highlights include:

1842 Street

Travel back in time to the dirty streets of Victorian Leeds to explore life among the grime and the bedbugs. Walk through the streets of 1842 and be surrounded by the smells and sounds of Victorian life. Meet the characters who live there and discover what was making them ill. Take a trip to the Victorian quack doctor, but beware, will the prescribed cure make you better or worse?

Disease in Retreat

Find out how the discovery of germ theory, vaccines and antibiotics revolutionised medicine and changed our lives.

Pain, pus and blood

Enter the frightening world of surgery before the discovery of pain relief and anaesthetics and explore the tools of the Victorian surgeon.


Discover how innovations in surgery changed patients’ experiences. From the introduction of anaesthetics and antiseptics, to transplants and keyhole surgery.

Medicine and Conflict

How have medical treatments for wounded soldiers changed from WWI to the present day? Created with the help of veterans and serving military personnel.


How high can you jump? How many teeth do you have? How quick are your reflexes? Explore our interactive children’s gallery to find out.