Introducing Hungry Sandwich Club

 VIDEO: Identity

If you’ve been keeping an eye on all things ‘Private Parts’, you’ll have likely seen the animations for health, identity and pleasure – featuring the grapefruit, aubergine and plum. In our last post, we talked to illustrator Bobbi Rae and whilst Bobbi designed them, they were brought to life by Hungry Sandwich Club! We had a chat with them to hear a bit more about the process behind animating our ‘Private Parts’ mascots.

They wanted to be sure to do the project justice, saying “We had to be clever in how we approached the storyboarding and script for these animations as we really wanted them to make them fun and friendly while explaining some pretty serious stuff. We hope people can learn from these animations and have more open conversations about their private parts… it definitely got us talking in the studio.”

This is the sort of thing that HSC loves to do, adding “We absolutely love working with museums and this was such an awesome opportunity to do something totally different. We’ve been a big fan of Bobbi’s work for a long time and who wouldn’t want to animate that aubergine!”

VIDEO: Pleasure

Thackray is a museum they knew they wanted to work with ‘‘We were really impressed that the Thackray is able to get so many people thinking and talking about important subjects through their work. We love how they try really hard to show the perspectives of different people throughout the gallery and would really recommend a visit to anyone visiting Leeds.”

Their work included a lot of interesting behind-the-scenes things “Behind the scenes was a whole lot of googling things to do with private parts including objects people use for pleasure … lucky we didn’t have a firewall in place! Not sure if anything interesting got the chop but we definitely spent longer than we needed to animating a cute little crab on the beach.”

Be sure to look out for their future work, they have a lot coming up! “Hopefully lots more work with museums. We’ve loved working with People’s History Museum, The Hepworth and now the Thackray so would love the opportunity of working on some more animations for exhibitions, not sure we’ll ever get to animate a plum on a banana boat again though!”

Private Parts is running now until the 11th of May so come down and see the exhibit for yourself!

VIDEO: Health