Help Thackray with our strategic plans

Insights, Identity and Imagination

Following the announcement that Thackray Museum of Medicine has received a generous donation from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we are delighted to be able to announce the first set of project tenders as part of our exciting strategic plan – ‘Insights, identity and imagination’. Covering audience research, how people view the Thackray and how is views itself, and discovering more on how we can maximise our admissions or membership income strategies, we’d love to hear from anyone who is interested in working with us.

Please write to the Chief Executive, Edward Appleyard to express initial interest or to arrange a conversation by Friday 16 February.

Deadline for submitted tenders Friday 1 March.

Generously supported by National Lottery Heritage Fund, with thanks to National Lottery players, and Thackray Medical Research Trust.

Audience Research

Help build our resilient future and define Thackray’s audiences

To get the best out of our unique heritage, we need to better understand, grow and diversify our audiences, taking advantage of our refresh and enhancing our offer for currently underserved communities.

Read the tender (link HERE)

Positioning Strategy

Help build our resilient future and define the Thackray

The Thackray has gained great recognition since re-opening for its efforts, particularly around democratising the collection, and co-curating with our communities. With a visual rebrand already successfully released, now is the time to grasp our new positioning and cement it in our strategy.

Read the tender (link HERE)

Pricing Project

Help build our resilient future with membership and advances in ticketing

The Thackray reached pre-Covid ticket levels in early 2023, and now needs to maximise on its new positioning and audience research projects through building revenue to make it more sustainable and resilient for an exciting future.

Read the tender (link HERE)