Trephination at Thackray

Thu, 18 January 2024 6pm

Trephination for the Twenty-First Century is a brand new one-woman theatre performance by Amanda Grace.

This visceral exploration of Madness combines psychological theory and theatrical technique to create an ardent and authentic performance of care, including a post-show discussion between artist and audience. 

Amanda cares—cripplingly, compulsively, in every moment. In days of macabre practice masquerading as medical, people like her were test subjects to the most inhumane interventions imaginable. Today, she is treated with tablets and talk therapy.

But, to tell the truth, Amanda longs for something more. Something invasive. Abrasive. Something that cuts to the core.

Amanda Grace is a neurodivergent, trans-Atlantic, bisexual dream child whose storytelling work traipses across fringe venues, communes & collectives, Victorian operating theatres, pop-up prohibition bars, festival tents, and storied stages & screens. With a dual background in theatre & psychology, Amanda specialises in the safe and sustainable performance of care. This is her first world tour.

Type of event: Event , Performance