Insights Lectures: Raising the Dead

Sat, 6 April 2024 Doors open 10am; Lectures start 10.30am

Bioarchaeological analysis of human remains can reveal important insights into the lives of the past, such as diet, inter-personal violence, health, and migration. Dr Curtis-Summers’ will draw on bioarchaeological research and multidisciplinary evidence to reveal what we can learn about the lives, and deaths of people from Scotland’s past.

When someone dies, the development of disease within their bodies remains frozen in time, leading paleopathologists needing to join up with other clinical areas to compare their findings with those of modern living populations. But, as Professor Keith Manchester explores, these studies do not tell us the story of the individual’s journey with the disease – the pain they felt, the psychological trauma and the other effects on their daily life.

Our Speakers

Dr Shirley Curtis-Summers is an assistant professor in archaeological and forensic sciences, and MSc Human Osteology and Palaeopathology programme director at the University of Bradford.

Prof. Keith Manchester is the Hon. Professor of Palaeopathology, School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences, University of Bradford.

Our Insights Lecture series takes place on select Saturday mornings. They form a core element of our Talks and Lates programme designed to spark debate around subjects large and small, whilst exploring the advances that have shaped the way we look after ourselves, and each other.

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