You Choose – Community Pharmacy

Inspired by the idea of personal printed pills, we asked members of our local community to imagine pills that would be more appealing for them to take. We invited them to design their ideal pills using plasticine and clay or AI image generators. We then scanned the models and printed their designs with a 3D printer. 

Here we list the full contents of the pill bottles on show, along with their creators’ explanations of why they imagined a pill like this: 

KoalaFloxin by May  

A Koalafloxin pill, generated using AI.

I hate swallowing pills. They get stuck in my throat and I don’t like the taste on my tongue. I made this pill because I get ear aches and I wanted to make something cute to help me feel better. I love koalas and I have a collection of Koala teddies in my room. 

RedPandadol by Morris  

I had an injury to my hip recently. I had to take medicine to reduce the inflammation but I couldn’t swallow the tablets. So, I had to have loads of spoonfuls of calprofen instead. I tried to think of what would give me encouragement to try a tablet when I designed this pill using AI. 

Red pandas are my favourite animal and I love the taste of strawberries so putting them together makes the perfect pill for me. 

Marshmallowmal by Morris 

An AI-generated image of a marshmallow-shaped pill with a smiley face
The Marshmallowmal pill, generated using AI.

I recently had to try to take some pills because of my hip injury and found it quite hard to swallow them. Therefore, it made me think of what would make a pill easier to take. 

I thought the texture of a marshmallow would be great as you can chew it and its nice and soft, plus it would taste very nice. 

Catacetamol by Lynn 

I made this pill to try out some new AI model that can convert a text prompt into a 3D model. I asked for it to generate a pill that was shaped like a cute cat and this is what it came up with. 

Dove From Above by Lynn  

The Dove from Above pill, generated using AI.

I have a hectic life and often forget to take my medication at the same time every morning. I would like a pill that could fly into my mouth whilst I’m asleep, so I don’t have to think about it. 

Biscuprofen by Josh  

I made a chocolate digestive pill so that people could take it with a cup of tea. The pill is flavoured like a chocolate digestive to make it taste good! 

Although, because they taste good, there could be a danger that people take too many. 

Best Pill Since Sliced Bread by Josh  

 Flavoured like bread and butter, to make a savoury pill that would appeal to many. It could be combined with layers representing Jam or Marmalade to make a ‘poly-pill’

Frog Pill by David  

I’ve created a silly frog that would appeal to children and make the pill-taking ritual more fun! It has a cylindrical essence still that would help a child to swallow it, but it would also be suited as a colourful chewable. 

Saxophone Pill by David  

A saxophone that could work as a more personalised chewable tailored to the child’s interests. 

CodOmega-3 Pills by Prem 

The CodOmega-3 pill, generated using AI.

I designed fish shaped pill to deliver omega-3 fish oils. The formulation is a timed release form to release over a 24 hour period. 

Bee Pill by Sam  

I was commissioned to make bee-shaped pills. I guess… she’d like to taste medicine as honey. 

Submarine Pill by Sam  

I’ve always thought what if tiny people could actually go inside my body and investigate. 

Leaf Pill by Sam  

Inspired by a comic called Cells at Work

Apple Pill by Sam

Also inspired by a comic called Cells at Work.

Mushroom Pill by Steve  

I designed this pill for ease of swallowing and because of my long term mental health issues. I am thinking about the possibility that psylocibins may be used as a treatment in future, especially if kids are taking them.  

Mr Ponky Pineapple Pill by Steve 

Flavour self-explanatory and design to add a fun element. 

Starzapine by Melissa  

The Starzapine pill, generated using AI.

I chose a star shape for a pill because I love stars. Any chance to eat something in a pretty shape, like a sweety. 

Lolly Pill by Maisy  

The idea is the medication is in the lolly and you would take the medication how you would eat a lolly: by licking it. Good for those who struggle to take tablets, such as myself. 

Honeybeezine and Rosadine by Jack 

Honey and Rose flavour. 

For my daughter Rose, to help take her ‘flower medicine’ when summer pollen allergies make her sneezy, here are a pair of pills to work together: a sweet one and a beautiful one. 

Made in Yorkshire 

Donut Pill by Ezra  

Tastes like strawberry. 

I hate the taste and feeling of bitter powdery pills dissolving on your tongue before you can swallow them. I much prefer the texture of sugar-coated pills, and it’d be even better if it tasted like one of my favourite foods, such as a donut. 

Strawbsil by Sam  

 A strawberry flavoured strepsil. I’m not a big fan of current strepsil flavours so I went rogue. 

Gunterzole by Sam  

Made to look like Gunter from Sing. 

Never seen the film but apparently it’s cool. I just thought pigs were cute and this one was talented and cool. 

Torustatin by Claire  

I chose this pill formation because it represents accessibility and the inability of stroke and Parkinson’s patients to manually pick up, handle, and swallow pills. The torus design is easy to handle and can be used by people with a range of physical impairments. 

Ideally, the pill would also be a bright colour to make it especially visible to the visually impaired and identifiable among other pills. Taste wise, the pill should be spearmint, as this flavour is associated with hygiene and cleanliness. 

Lime Pill by Alex 

Lime is a different and tasty flavour that people who have difficulty swallowing normal pill could try instead.  

Bon Pill by Charlie  

Bon from the Walten Files. He will make you magically get top and bottom surgery. 

Trans Shark Pill by Ash  

Easy to digest, this pill gives the patient their daily dose of testosterone or oestrogen and changes size depending on the patient’s needs.  

Frog Pill by Ash 

Multi-coloured, chewable polypill. The different colours are for a patient who needs to take one or more pills. 

Lucky Leprechaun 

The idea for my design came from my own cats and I like burgers lol! This pill is for children who struggle with taking pills. My design makes It more fun for the kids and enjoyable. 

 Tiny Mushroom Pill by Hiccy 

Strawberry flavoured gummies. 

Mushrooms are interesting anyway but this would look like a sweet and would make kids more interested in taking tablets. 

Fshhhhh by Evie 

Banana flavour pills. 

Bow Tie Pill by Evie 

Roseavol by Lucas  

Chocolate flavour. Available in pink and green. 

I designed a rose-shaped pill because I wanted to eat flowers as a kid and I know a lot of people felt the same way. 

HRT Pill 1, HRT Pill 2 and Super Sertraline by Remus  

A trio of pills for hormone replacement therapy. Blue, white and pink chewable hormone pills. 

Grant Pill by Zachary  

 Grape flavoured chewable pill. 

This character is from a series called Madness Combat that I enjoy. You can find it on YouTube. 

Cake Pill by Ren 

Victoria sponge flavour.  

Everyone likes cake.  

Joke Pill by Alyster 

This is a regular pill with a dad joke written on it. One side has the set up and the other has the punchline. It might help older men get over the stigma of taking pills.  

Front side set up: ‘Did you hear about the guy who had his left side cut off?’ Reverse: ‘He’s all right now.’  

Warning: Finish laugh before digesting. 

Kirby Pill  

Chocatier Miracle Pill by Dawn  

Chocolate flavour, soft and easy to swallow.  

It would teleport me to USA so I could spend time with my sister Deborah and niece Megan. It would uplift my mood and dissolve all stress caused by traumas from my life. It would help with decades of experiences like grief, domestic violence. It would take away the tremors. It would rejuvenate my body and system. Reducing caffeine helps reduce tremors. 

The Voyage of Jamaica by Jackie  

Fruity, tangy, tasty crunchy pills, smelling of essential oils.  

My pills make you feel good 

Gives you energy 

Genetic and kinetic 

Set to groove on 

Instant travel wherever I want to be 

Beams you across the planet  

We don’t even need passports 

Completely free 

Nice sunny weather 

Soak up the sun 

We could go as a whole group 

This is better than normal pills – taste nasty 

No waiting for transport 

No need for money 

For Self and Soul by Sheena 

For Self and Soul, generated using AI.

A liquid which is diffused as a time release spray into the environment and has a choice of natural/herbal scents.  

The properties for my diffused pill came from my connection to nature and what Mother Earth has given us to stay connected to her. My design would consist of a natural essence of appropriate herbs and flowers and trees for specific diseases in the form of a facial, body and oral spray or a room spray diffuser. 

Fruit Salad by Kousar  

Flavoured with Banana, apple, grapes, lemon, melon, or strawberry 

My pill would turn taste like a fruit salad. It would give me energy, I would feel awake and I would sleep well. It would calm my heart and my emotions and heal anxiety. It would take headaches away. 

Well-Being Tablet by Gloria-Lyn  

Some pills are difficult to consume because of the taste – pleasant flavours and scents would make it more digestible. By having pills in the shape of a star and in bright colours – the semblance is akin to a sweet and removes the negative association connected with the purpose and intention of the pill. I would include an affirmation message on the pills

Magical Kingdom Transporter by Joanna   

My statin and inbruprofen tablets taste disgusting and stick in my throat. My Magical Kingdom Transporter pill would get rid of all arthritis and transport me to a paradise land where people look after me and I could deeply relax. 

Pills of Unlimited Love and Abundance by Natalie 

My pills would have positive affirmations that knew what you needed to hear and changed daily. It would send out healing rays that healed and rebalanced any disease. It would help you radiate love and high vibes wherever you went, plus happiness and calm. Once you took it your super powers would be unleashed. You would be transported instantly wherever you went. Anything you looked at would turn to paradise and you could have any talent you wanted. 

Reindeer Pill by Sandra and Pat

Clouodcaine by Lynn, Maisy and Steve

A pill that melts in the mouth and tastes like vanilla. We imagined a pill that would feel weightless and disintegrate in your mouth like a soft fluffy cloud.

Candyfloxide by Maisy

I find pills really difficult to swallow due to their taste and shape, so when presented with the opportunity to design my own I wanted something that ticked all my boxes. I was drawn to candyfloss for its pink colour, sweet taste and its soft texture that instantly dissolves in the mouth.

Pills designed by The Brunswick Centre yOUTh Halifax and Dewsbury Groups, Harehills Creative Women, and Thackray Museum volunteers.

Installation and 3D printed pills developed and created by Lynn Wray at Helix, University of Leeds.